Extension, Residential

North Gatehouse

West Cork, Ireland | 2021

The North gatehouse project is a renovation and restoration project of an existing and derelict gatehouse. The gatehouse is unusual as it stands over two floors and has had two extensions attached to it over the years. The house was left untouched for many years and currently has a tree growing from the chimney stack. The new proposal seeks to demolish the later extension additions and create new ones, for the kitchen and for bedrooms at the lower level. The extensions are to be in a different material all to emphasis and respect the original square gatehouse. The use of brick is a nod to both the main house and the other gate lodge on the property, with the timber cladding as a reference to the woodland that surrounds the house. The project sits gently in the land and the land rises and falls around it, creating an external courtyard and patio area.